Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood by Rebecca Wells

Siddalee Walker loses her energy for life and decides to go away for awhile. She's not sure how long that will be but life is just seeing her off balance. Between a nasty article that pisses off her mother and trying to put her touches on the play “The Women”, things just don't feel right. Postponing her wedding to Conner, she takes the cabin belonging to an old family friend. There is a journey she must go on but will she come out on the other side?

Ms. Wells tells a wonderful story of four best friends seen through the eyes of one of their daughters. There is tragedy, love, celebrating, and loss told throughout the whole story. These four women find their ways to cope on their own and with each other. Their friendship affect their children as well.

Sidda has a lot to deal with. Things in her past were bugging her and making her wonder if she could really love anyone. Vivi, Sidda's mom, Necie, Teensy, and Caro were great friends growing up. They share so much that the scrap book Vivi puts together is sent to Sidda. Just to help her regroup, it's not till later on that the other Ya-ya's show up that things might finally come into perspective.

This is a wonderful book and now I definitely want to watch the movie. Women have great friendships and depths that sometimes we ourselves don't even understand. I found this characters invigorating!

Rebecca Wells/New Author/ Friendships/ Women/ 383 pages/ 4 out of 5

With hours going up and down, I finally got this one done. Off to read a chunkster. :)