Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Little Matchmakers Part 1: The Matchmakers by Debbie Macomber

Dori is a widowed mother of an 11-year-old Danny. But Danny wants to have a daddy around. Dori agrees to look for a father type figure for him but they need to take some time with it. On the way to school that morning, she almost gets into an accident. The guy ends up following her and it turns out to be Gavin Parker, the ex-football player. Dori agrees to pay his dry cleaning bill since he spilled coffee on himself. When he sends her the bill, Danny puts a note in there that Gavin has to come see them. What ensues next is an agreement to look like they’re dating to not only get Danny off of her back but Gavin’s daughter Melissa. The problem is emotions and what will they do if they get too involved?

This is the first story I have read by Debbie Macomber and I loved it! It was cute, clean, and things were taken care of very nicely. Now mind you all books can’t do that but it is nice when it happens. The writing was really good and I enjoyed reading what happened to the characters and the lovely situations that they found themselves in. I laughed and sighed my way through the story.

Dori was my favorite character because of her having a son but also the fact that she is doing what she can to keep her son happy within reason. It is something all parents need to learn how to do but keep a balance so that the kids don’t think they are always going to get what they want in life. I think she did that well until emotions got involved which makes things very tricky. Gavin was a jerk in the beginning but past experiences had left him hardened from relationships. Danny and Melissa were two conniving kids and their ideas had me smiling. Those two kids were pretty smart.

I really enjoyed this holiday story the first in the anthology called Little Matchmakers and hope to read the next one soon! I would definitely give this story a 5/5 but we’ll have to see what I think of the book over all later.

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