Thursday, December 21, 2006

Part 2 of Little Matchmakers: Mrs. Scrooge by Barbara Bretton

Samantha Dean has wanted one thing all her life to open up a restaurant. Now that one thing is about to happen but her daughter Patty has other ideas. She wants a daddy for Christmas. Sure, her biological father is in the picture but Patty wants a daddy that is real and stays at home. On career day, Patty finds the perfect man and his name is Murphy O’Rourke. Now all Patty has to do is get her mom and Murphy together and she has the perfect idea. But will it work out or is it just another dream.

This is the first book I have read by Barbara Bretton surprisingly. I hope to read more by her in the coming year. It was wonderfully written and it shows what kind of sacrifice people have to make in their lives but how you often get rewarded for it. The writing was excellent and I really loved how she was able to write the kids talking like kids. That’s not an easy thing to do sometimes when you are used to writing adult fiction but Barbara did a really good job with it.

My favorite character was Patty. She was a genius but only 11 years old. All she wants is a 24/7 daddy. She matches up her mom with people and it is pretty darn cute. Samantha was a good mom to her and I liked how she was really trying to get herself supported better financially. I also liked Murphy. This is a guy who could melt your heart. He completely falls for Patty and does a lot to keep her happy really. I don’t think either Sam or Murphy really knew what was going on right away.

This is a wonderful heart warming Holiday book. I can’t wait to read the last one in the series as well as many more I can fit in before December 31st. I give this story a 5/5 and it is certainly helping the final grade of the anthology.

Now onto the final story in the book, A Carol Christmas by Muriel Jensen. I might end up posting about this one today. We'll see.

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