Friday, February 16, 2007

The Terror By Dan Simmons

Idislike writing bad reviews. It is not something I like to do at all. But this book even though it was based on true events and part of history just drove me bonkers. I hope someone else likes it better than I did. lol

The HMS Terror and Erebus are trying to find the Northwest Passage. But they are doomed from the beginning not only by not enough food supplies but the men aboard really do not understand the courage it takes to complete such a mission. There is something out there, and men are dying from it. It seems that they are being killed yet no one is really sure about that. Will they be able to complete their mission and get back home?

Dan Simmons may be a great writer but this book bored me to death. It had some moments of enthralling action but for the most part it fell flat. Some of the details got a little bit too gruesome for me and I felt were not needed. The writing was well done yet the stops and starts of the story in the beginning really confused me. I was determined to press on and finish the book.

I felt pity for the characters because not they had to leave their ship did they realize the enormity of the task that was set before them. Two captains for one expedition was not wise because there was fighting and mutiny around every corner. The sailors and officers must have had no clue what they were signing up for and were completely gullible in wanting the prize. Also they never double-checked their supplies to see if things were handled correctly with food. Back then you had to be sure that food was cooked properly and they never did that. I was unimpressed with how they ran into things without making sure that they would have enough if something would happen to them.

I do not recommend this book because it got really slow and there were a lot of loose ends that were never tied up in the end. Mind you they cannot all be taken care of but I was left with more questions than answers. This book gets a 2.5/5 because it did have moments where I couldn’t put the book down but as the book progressed it just fell flat. It was not a complete waste of time but 768 pages was too many for this book. I am not sure I will read anything more by this author since this book did not impress me all that much but who knows. My mind could change.

Now off to read another book for my review group and a much needed book right now too. :)


Bybee said...

I was sort of interested in this book, but now that I have read your review, I'll pass it up. You gave good reasons and examples. Thanks for the heads-up.

Maggie said...

I wanted to comment on the NF Challenge--I see you are reading a NASCAR book and I am currently reading Driving with the Devil by Neil Thompson. It talks about the early beginnings of NASCAR. Good so far... ;)

Lover of Books said...

Bybee-you're welcome! I am glad you thought I did well, it's nice to know.

Maggie-that book sounds good. I'll have to write that one down to my huge list of books I want to read. lol