Sunday, March 18, 2007

The enemy stalks by Betty Sullivan La Pierre

This book was an amazingly quick read. I enjoyed it that much. Here is my review:

Tom Casey is settling into a new life with a new name. But there is a man out there who would rather see him die than live and his name is Dirk Henderson. Tom aka Jim Anderson used to be a secret agent but that had all changed after his wife had been murdered. He gets to know his new neighbor Jennifer Morgan and has to protect her before Dirk gets to the both of them. Is that going to be possible and if not what will he be able to accomplish?

This is my first book by Betty Sullivan La Pierre but certainly not my last. I can’t wait to see where these characters go in the next 8 books in the series. I found her writing to be simple but very effective. The story just kept moving and was not bogged down by a lot of details. I still got a sense of what was going on and I had plenty of details but everything was wrapped up nicely and not many questions were left unanswered.

I really liked Jim and Jennifer both equally. They were both looking to start over after tragedy and found it in the small community town. Jim was known as the Hawkman and I loved seeing how he would take such good care of animals of all types. I think he should be a veterinarian but he was going into private investigations. Maybe he’ll be able to get somewhere and I hope that it is successful.

I enjoyed this book immensely. It took me six months to get it but it was well worth the wait and now I want to go buy the rest of the series. It kept my attention that well. For those reasons I am going to give it a 5/5. The storyline was good, clean, and suspenseful because you weren’t sure what the outcome would be completely. You knew Hawkman had to live since it is the first in a series but what would happen to Jennifer was left up in the air.

Now off to read Little Lady, Big Apple by Hester Browne. :)

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