Thursday, March 22, 2007

True Evil by Greg Iles

I read this and really liked it!

Alexandra Morse is going through tough times. She lost her dad and then while her sister was dying she had to tell her that she was murdered. Alex couldn’t believe her ears but decided to check out what her sister said and that leads to her approaching Dr. Chris Shepherd. He’s even more difficult to convince than herself but he is the target. So not only does Alex have to dodge the FBI but also she has to convince Dr. Shepherd of what is going on and get his help. Will she be able to before the next killing happens?

Greg Iles does another wonderful book. I have only read two other books of his and enjoyed them just as much! He has a way of writing that keeps me going. I was impressed with the medical thriller.

Alex is a beautiful person who really wants to help people. Her superiors doubt her often but she works hard to find out the truth. I really liked Chris as well. He couldn’t believe what was going on in his life but he didn’t want anyone else to get hurt. The few other minor characters like Alex’s nephew Jamie and friends of Alex from FBI really helped round out the story very well.

I enjoyed this story a lot for being a chunkster. It is 512 pages of intrigue and suspense. I felt awful for how it ended in some ways because it was not good. At the same time, I was pulled in from the first sentence to the end of the book. I will need to read more of this author’s work. I give it a 4/5 since it not only seemed plausible but something that could happen down the line which is scary to think about really.

Now off to a much needed romance! lol

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