Monday, April 09, 2007

Book Winners and Hard Core Diaries by Mick Foley

I am going to start out the post by telling who the winners are:
Kris- I'll mail you out Madonna's of Leningrad maybe tomorrow. :)
Amanda- At Long Last Love is yours. :)
Booklogged- Exile is yours as well.
So would Amanda and Booklogged email me off my blog for your snail mail addy. :)
As for Herself it is still up for grabs so the first person to respond to this email who has not already won, I will mail it out to you. :)

Here is the review for Mick Foley's book:
Mick chronicles his most recent experience with the WWE from 2005-2006. The storylines that happened and how it all came to take place. His ideas, working with the creative team and Vince, and how he wanted to show the fans what he does besides wrestling when it comes to charities and his family.

I was thoroughly impressed with the writing. It was not anything fancy but then Mick does best when he keeps things simple and straightforward. All the different events he did and all the people he met really surprised me. I am not saying I didn’t know how in demand he is but more than anything I had no idea how much he gives back to the community. Yeah, he broke records with a lot of his matches but he would rather spend time with impaired children and help them feel better than anything else. He is proud of his wrestling, as he should be, but he has a full heart and loves to help others.

I had no idea he had written children’s books and will most likely see if I can find his Wrescal Lane book. I wish I had a way to contact him because this was a good read and I was laughing and crying. Some of the trips he took to Iraq and the medical facilities for the wounded soldiers really left me in awe. I know other WWE wrestlers and Divas do the most they can in giving back. They do show some of that on the show but getting a behind the scenes look was fun to see. I even enjoyed this book more than Bishoff’s because it came across as down to earth and not so much of a namedropper. It was truly Mick’s experience and this is the third one so now I may go back and read the other two. If you are a wrestling fan, this one is for you. Or if you want to get a better idea of what they do and have kids that are fans, please pick this book up. I give it a 5/5 because I learned a lot more and truly enjoyed it all! Well except for the porn star bit but then I am sure there are a lot of guys out there that are jealous that he met the woman.
371 pages

Well off to read some romance novels. :)


Amanda said...

I'm so excited! I don't win things...I just don't and because of this, my day has been made! Thanks! I'll be emailing you my address.

Amanda said...

Ok, maybe I'm crazy, but I'm not finding your email address anywhere on your soon as I can find it I'll be emailing you my address for the book. :-)

Lover of Books said...

Hey Amanda, sorry about that. You can contact me at

Same to you Booklogged. :)

booklogged said...

How exciting! I'm thrilled to death. Thank-you Lover of Books. I'll get that email right off to you.

Kris said...

I'm excited about winning the book. awesome! at least you know it is going into good hands. haha! Thanks so much!

Lover of Books said...

You're welcome Kris! All the books went out today! :)