Saturday, May 26, 2007

Considering Doris Day by Tom Santopietro

Being a big fan of Doris Day, I have always wanted to know more about her. I was impressed with the very professional way that this author took on her life. I found sometimes that he over commented on some of her early movies. But then some of them I liked! I also liked getting more insight into how some movies were done and to learn that she even did a movie with Alfred Hitchcock titled The Man Who Knew Too Much.

I may be a young person by most people’s standards but I was raised to appreciate Doris Day. My mom almost met Doris when they both were in Paris the summer my mom turned 16. My all time favorite movie is Pajama Game and loved the comments that were written about that movie.

There were times that I felt awful for Doris because of choices that were made and contracts that were signed by her manager husband Marty. It was almost too little too late in some aspects but she seemed to take it all in stride. The one thing I never knew about Doris was that she is an animal lover and started her own animal foundation. That really impressed me! I loved seeing how humble she was about her acting career and it was almost to the point of her forgetting it. But I know with all the fan mail she gets that forgetting it is impossible. I am sure she has lovely stories she could tell but after reading this book I know that won’t happen. I also know that there were other books written about her life and I would love to read them. See what someone else has to say. But then there is a point where you can only read so many books about a person.

I give this book a 4/5 because it was truly fascinating. I loved it and enjoyed hearing more about her life in the movies. It was a great book and one I recommend.
383 pages/new author/non-fiction

Well off to read and review two romance novels. I would be more on top of things but feeling a little under the weather.


booklogged said...

I loved Doris Day, too. Sounds like an interesting book.

Lover of Books said...

It was a great book! I recommend it!

AL said...

Hi i want to say im also a very big fan of Doris day,the first time i saw her was in calamity jane when i was 10,im not that old either,i have wanted to know everything about her ever since then,ive done a tribute blog on her,maybe you could comment in mine when you have the time,Thanks.

AL said...

I have read the book being a big fan of Doris day,i recommend it to all her fans.