Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Screaming Room by Thomas O'Callaghan

Alright this did not want to post the first time around so I am hoping it will go better this time.

John Driscoll is finally moving on with his life until tourists start getting killed all over New York City. Then he is stuck trying to figure out who is doing the killing before the whole city becomes completely panicked. With the city breathing down his neck, he pulls in a team he think will help even though he is unsure of a few of the members. The papers are leaking information and John has to go up against a very powerful man and try to keep the guy quiet. It is not an easy job when someone is one step ahead of you all the time. But somehow John seems to be able to stay focused. He is the man for the job.

Mr. O'Callaghan's second book is surely a hit. It is not nearly as gruesome and I really liked it. It was still just as creepy which made me keep turning the pages. I had to be careful of when I read it or I would get rather jumpy. The details of the crimes were so precise and the information shocked me with how people come up with the ideas due to the things that have happened in the past. Mr. O'Callaghan really gave a new spin on the sins of the father revisits the son complex.

John truly is growing a little bit. He is seeing things they way they are and trying to be as helpful as possible. He struggles with the crimes that happen and is completely baffled because he does not quite understand how they are happening under their watchful eyes. With the help of Cedric Thomlinson, things get to be a bit clearer. Cedric is usual happy go luck self. He knows what he knows and works very hard to prove his theories. He makes me laugh! I was also happy to see Magaret back and to see how she was changing and seeking things out. She is one tough cookie but this case was even driving her nuts. And in my opinion it was rightfully justified, this brother sister team were doing things that I am glad were never truly described in detail but you got the just of what was going on. To be able to write characters like that was pretty darn good. I was impressed even though I hope there is no one close to being like those two out there. I would fear for my life.

This book continued the story from The Bone Thief very well as focused on the case at hand wonderfully. It was a great combination and I can't wait to see what is coming out next year from this author since it appears he is going to continue with the same main character. I give this book a 4/5 because it held my attention and I had to find out what was going to happen. If you can't handle the littlest of details then you probably want to read it just during the day. It is well-written and I can see why it is well recieved by authors. But please make sure to read The Bone Thief first. I know it is not required but it makes a lot more sense if you do.


Unknown said...

sounds like a good one

Lover of Books said...

It was good but nearly as creepy as the first one. :)

tom o'callaghan said...

Thank you!

Lover of Books said...

You are most welcome! I hope you enjoyed my review.

tom o'callaghan said...

I did! Thank you also for suggesting your viewers read BONE THIEF as well!! :)