Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Sisters by Danielle Steel

Four sisters finally get together over the Fourth of July weekend or face their mother’s wrath. Candy is a supermodel who goes all over the world. She is young and inexperienced. Though she seems to think she knows it all. Annie is an artist spending time in Florence Italy. She thinks she has finally met someone she can settle down with. Tammy produces a show in L.A. and loves her job most of the time. She has a lot of headaches and feels like she only attracts weird men or divorcees. Sabrina, the oldest, has a loving relationship with her boyfriend Chris. She is a lawyer who mainly focuses on divorces and child custodies. But they will never know how much their lives will change on this trip home. Can they handle what will happen and how will it affect their lives?

Ms. Steel did it again. I found her writing style refreshing. It was a book that had me from the beginning. I don’t know how she does it but she just makes her characters come alive and they show their insecurities somehow through out the book. I think having her daughters probably influenced the book a little.

I felt sorry for Candy. Yeah so she is 21 but I could not believe how sheltered she was. I almost wanted to throttle her myself. Sabrina was the most stubborn but she could take over when things needed to be done. She fought with commitment from day one. Tammy wanted to be loved but never seemed to find the right guy. She wanted children and was willing to go to any lengths. Annie was passionate about her art. It was a true blessing how much her parents supported her in her dream.

This book was wonderful. I give it a 4/5. As much as I really liked it, there were parts of the story that were over done and a little over the top. Now I have never been what those four women went through. I just couldn’t imagine it. I will continue to read Ms. Steel’s novels cause she has a wonderful way with words that keeps me hooked.
341 pages/Fiction

Now I am going to start Natural Born Charmer by Susan Elizabeth Phillips and then I have another romance to review. :)


hellomelissa said...

i didn't know danielle steel was still writing books! her novels made me swoon when i was a teenager.

Lover of Books said...

Oh yeah she has not stopped. :) Most of them are really good and really clean. :) I am loving it! There are some few spots in it but you only read what things look like afterwards not the during. :)

Kharen Dumindin said...

this one made a mark..
it made me cry several times..
i really enjoyed reading Danielle's work...
nice one..
once you'll read the first can't stop reading it till the end!
Two thumbs up for Sisters!