Friday, July 13, 2007

Journey to Forever by Carol Steward

Nikki Post is learning how to stand on her own two feet without any help from her family. She agrees to work at the Denver Gazette to do just that. She starts at the bottom to work her way up to the position she really hopes to have. She hears about this project to raise money to build another shelter for the homeless as well as Collin Wright who will be participating in it. She is not sure what to expect but decides to take it one day at a time even though she has fought her grandfather on it. Collin is not sure what to expect but wants to help as much as he can. He finds a young intern in the meeting and wonders what she is doing there. To find out later that she will be his companion for their journey, he is very surprised. He learns to rely on his faith and press through the best that he can. They share a kiss and that sends them into confusion and uncertainty not only for themselves but also for the project. Can they make it through with God’s help or will they only be frustrated after it is over?

Ms. Steward shows how faith must be relied on at all times no matter what stage you are in. Whether it is new to you or not, seeking God’s face is important. I really liked that and I found it to be very encouraging. Mind you I am not taking a 300 mile journey any time soon, but in my every day life I find I am not doing that enough. She makes you feel for the characters and helps you see how life is not perfect but we need to make it through every day.

Nikki was a sweetheart. She was really trying to better herself in a way that would not rely on money. Her faith was not strong and her grandparents wished more for her. She was not sure how to find what they wanted for her till she met Collin. Collin used to be cocky but an injury made him take a second look at his life. He loved being a dj for the Christian radio station and embraced it completely. He didn’t want to do any more stunts but the idea that they gave him was not one he could pass up. They both had growth to do in their lives and found that they could talk to one another pretty freely. It created a bond right away that they needed to figure out what it meant.

This story was a wonderful read. I could not put it down and it showed me what this kind of line looks like. It is nice to see a publisher like Harlequin publish something for everyone. I truly enjoyed it and have one more on the stack. Ms. Steward is a fantastic writer who I read more of down the line.

252 pages/ New Author/Romance/Journeys/5 out of 5

Well I have afew more things to do and then I plan on picking up Promise of Grace by Bonnie K. Winn. :)

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