Sunday, July 01, 2007

A Taste of the Forbidden by Tambra Kendall

It had been four long years but Izanna Tremayne wanted to finally enjoy Jason Devon, all of him. Though someone is out to destroy them both. Razi, the Overlord, had wanted to crush Izanna for the longest time. Her thought was since she had made Jason a vampire, she was not allowed to touch him in any way. But both of them are so enthralled with each other, they can’t just let the desire they share alone. But will they find it to be worth it even though it could cost them their lives forever?

Ms. Kendall keeps you focused on Izanna and Jason. Her descriptions leave you reaching for cold water. She can write vivid pictures that keep you reading and wanting more. She is an author that knows the power of words and does not mess around with them. Ms. Kendall also lets you get to know the characters and experience their feelings.

Izanna just wants one man only and that is Jason Devon. She considers him her soul mate and everyone else can just deal with it! The air around the two of them is heavy and they do not deny their feelings. Jason can’t believe how forthright Izanna is even though she is reigning Queen of Darkness. He just knows there is more to their feelings and hopes to express all of them to her.

I love reading about vampires and I was immediately drawn to this one. Everyone has a little bit of a different take and Ms. Kendall’s is sure to please. You are drawn into the world from the very first sentence. It is one story that I found compelling and erotic. I hope to read more by this author and can’t wait to see what other worlds she decides to take on and tell her own version.

10 pages/New Author/Erotic Romance/4 out of 5


hellomelissa said...

i just finished a vampire book, too! "the rest falls away" by colleen gleason.

Lover of Books said...

Yeah I have to get to that series. :)

Liane Gentry Skye said...

I have to agree, Tambra's story is a must read. The gal's writing is so hot your toes curl with anticipation!


Lover of Books said...

LOL that is one way to put it. :)