Monday, October 22, 2007

Bound for Murder by Laura Childs

Carmela is helping set up for a friend’s pre-wedding party. She is having a good time. Things seem to go wrong when the groom is found killed. Carmela is asked to help them out again and she is not sure if that is so smart. She has to wrap a murder that has more questions than answers and she has to shift through it all.

Ms. Laura Childs really knows how to write a series. I really enjoyed how the characters are growing. It was a blast. This author has won me over. I cannot get enough! I really cannot wait to be able to read the next one. The characters are really good. I do often get mad at Carmela but it is not like she is snooping because she is not asked to. Her friends know that she can and so they ask her. Ms. Childs really gets the feelings and emotions across in this book.

Carmela is such a good person. I know she can get annoying but I really wanted her to figure things out. Her heart was in the right place. I really loved her creativity and her want to help others. I just hope things are settled in the relationship department. I feel awful for her but maybe things are ironed out. Ava was as flamboyant as ever. She is one of my favorites. Wren was a sweetie too. These ladies would be a blast to hang out with.

I loved this book! I hope to read the rest of the series cause I am enjoying it. The tips and the recipes really make this book even better. I cannot wait to see how Carmela deals with her relationships and whom she decides to choose. Those ladies are always so creative it makes my head spin. Of course if I worked in a scrapbook store, I would probably be as creative.
Laura Childs/ Cozy Mystery/ 256 pages/ 5 out of 5/ Scrap booking

I was surprised at how fast I finished this one. Now I am reading You've Been Warned. :) SO far not sure what to think.

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