Tuesday, October 02, 2007

September Reads and Stats

For starting a new job, I believe Idid rather well. :) Here they are :

198. The Quickie by James Patterson 8-31-07 through 09/01/07 A
199. Little Pink Slips by Sally Koslow 09-01-07 through 09-02-07 A
200. Shoel by Patricia Robins 09-02-07 through 09-03-07 A
201. Life with Apache by Linda Lattimer 09-03-07 A
202. Vivaldi’s Virgins by Barbara Quick 09-03-07 through 09/05/07 A
203. Midnight Legacy by Dee Tenorio 09-05-07 through 09/06/07 B
204. The Friday House by D.K. Gaston 09-06-07 through 09-09/07 B
205. The Spanish Bow by Andromeda Romano-Lax 09-09-07 through 9-14-07 B
206. 36 exposures by Linda Mooney 9-14-07 A
207. Shoot from the Lip by Leann Sweeney (Cozy) 9-14-07 through 9-15-07 A+
208. Queen of Babble in the Big City by Meg Cabot 9-15-07 through 9-16-07 A+
209. Come Whatever May by Sandee McCain 9-16-07 through 9-17-07 A
210. Object of Romance Anthology 9-18-07 A
211. Not the Marrying Kind by Hailey North 9-19-07 through 9-20-07 A
212. Candy Apple Red by Nancy Bush (Cozy)09-20-07 through 9-22-07 A+
213. The Down Home Zombie Blues by Linnea Sinclair 9-22-07 through 9-27-07 B
214. The Sin Club by Rachelle Chase 9-27-07 A
215. Wednesday Night Witches by Lee Nichols 9-27-07 through 9-28-07 A

Total Books Read: 18
New Authors: 14
Fiction: 17
Chunksters: 1TBR:
Cozy Mystery: 2
Books Reviewed: 11
From the Stacks:
Books I Bought:Total Pages Read: 5,297


hellomelissa said...

now that i have one book going on the ipod (for driving and walking) and one to read at night, i'm getting through a few more books. but i don't think i could ever rival you!

Lover of Books said...

Well I am slowing down a bit cause I have things that have got to get done. :) But I know I'll get through it and adjust. I just hate being tired. :)