Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Creepers by David Morrell

Frank Belanger is wanting to do a report on people who like to go through abandoned buildings. They are referred to as creepers since they come in at night and risk their own lives for the adventure. The five people are suspicious of him but figured since that the guy leading up this expedition seems to be okay with everything. There is a mystery surrounding the Paragon Hotel. A reclusive millionaire built it; the structure is magnificent. It is marked for demolition so to get in there before it is gone is the key. But what will they find?

Mr. Morrell certainly has a morbid mind. And in this case, it made the book pretty scary. Yet that helped the essence of the man who built the hotel and other quirky characteristics come alive. The idea that time can be frozen into place was really evident in this novel. People often leave things behind them and so things are remembered as they once were. Also the millionaire who owned the hotel kept buying the same furniture.

I really weren’t too sure about any of these characters at first. Yet the prize for them was seeing old things as they once were. Frank seemed to just be along for the ride. Yet as it went along his motives really became clear. The three people that followed the professor were interesting in that they all knew each other from college. Yet they had been able to stay friends and two of them were married. There was a lot of back-story to the novel but it played up so much of what ended up happening.

I would recommend this book pretty highly. It’s creepy but fairly fast paced which I like. It was a quick read for me and I hope to read more by this author. I really like the group I am involved in because then I try new authors. Ones that I may have heard of or like in this instance I didn’t know anything about Mr. Morrell and I definitely want to try another one of his books.

Next up is christmas with anne by L.M. Montegormery. Then I have 2 books I need to review.

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