Friday, November 02, 2007

The Seance by Heather Graham

Christina Hardy has always known she had a gift even as a child. But was told to suppress it, but at her house they start talking about the “Interstate Killer” murders that stopped 15 years ago. Then she is asked to bring out her Ouija board, and the spirit of Beau Kidd shows up. He was considered the chief suspect when his partner killed him. Now he has come back to clear his name and only Christina can see him. It seems that the killer is still out there and Christina’s life is hanging in the balance.

Ms. Graham does it again. I cannot get enough of her books. They are creepy, scary, and have great romances in them. Most people would find that combination odd but I love it! This book had me going from the beginning. The characters are full of life and you want to see them do well. The plot is full of twist ands turns and I had no clue who was behind the killings. It threw me for a loop! She is that good at surprises!

I loved Christina and her family. They were a good Irish family. That helped me fall in love with them. I also liked Jed Braden. He wanted to fall in love but had a hard time accepting that things were out there that he could not see. That was completely normal for me and I really got to like his character. Those two really knew how to heat things up!

I loved seeing the Harrison Investigation team again. Jed had to understand what was happening to Christina. It just takes time like any relationship. There was a lot of stuff to figure out cause it is not smart to just point fingers. Jed and Christina had to work with the police so things could be handled in the correct manner. Though I could understand the times that Christina just wanted to jump ahead. This was a good suspenseful book and even though I thought I might know who was behind it all. I never came close to figuring it out.
Heather Graham/Paranormal/384 pages/ 5 out of 5

Quick sidenote, I made it to 3,720 words today. :) Off to reading review books!


Anonymous said...

Finally our library is getting Heather Graham on audio! Now maybe I will get a chance to listen to one of her books. My reading list is too piled up to do it that

Lover of Books said...

Thanks! She is a really great author. I have liked everything I have read so far but I have a long way to go. :)