Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Accidental Mother by Rowan Coleman

Sophie is so focused on her current life that she has pretty much forgotten her best friend Carrie. They have not talked in a long time so Sophie is completely shocked when she finds out Carrie died in a car accident. As the social worker is reminding her of the agreement she had made on Bella’s Christening day, Sophie is not sure what to do. She does not want to see the two girls hurt but is unsure if she can take care of them.

Ms. Coleman writes a compelling story and a situation that could happen at any time. I loved the storyline since the emotions came across as very real. Sophie has a lot of struggles and that is what makes her so interesting.

Sophie is career focused but finds out that it is not important. She does not want anything bad to happen to either girl and that is what makes her decide to take them. She wants the father involved and so does her own search to find him. Bella and Izzy are a handful but both well behaved girls. Bella acts older than six and that is what broke my heart. She wanted to stay strong for her little sister. Izzy is having a more difficult time with it than Bella since she does not understand what happened. I wanted to wrap my arms around both girls. To lose their mom at such a young age was so sad. Louis had a lot of responsibility to take on being the father and having left his wife and kids. He now realizes how stupid it was of him and is trying to make things better but will it work?

I was swept up in this book immediately. This premise has written quite a few times but I felt that Ms. Coleman had put her own spin on it. I was pleased with the book and how it ended. That is not always easy to do is to make people happy. You have your own ideas and so you put them on the page. I will definitely want to read more by this author.
Rowan Coleman/ New Author/ Kids/432 pages/ 5 out of 5

I read this one last week but with my crazy work schedule I never got it typed up till now. :)

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