Monday, March 24, 2008

Palindrome by Stuart Woods

Liz Barwick is tired of her physically abusive football player husband. The last trip to the emergency room has her re-thinking everything. She wants to get away but is not sure how but she does know that she cannot tell anyone where she is going. She retreats to a beautiful island off the coast of Georgia. Yet she knows it may only be a matter of time before he finds her when she hears about the deaths of two people who were the only ones who knew where she was going. She is no longer safe and just hopes it will all be over soon.

Mr. Woods is a fantastic writer and I was pleased with this thrilling work. His characters in this book are complex yet has vulnerability to them. The descriptions were wonderfully done. Though there were a few instances where I did not need descriptions and was pleased that there was not.

Liz has had a difficult life but her desire to rebuild is commendable. She really does wonderful and she feels on top of the world. The people who live on the island are a family who love it. That is what made it so sweet. I loved getting to know the family members as well as the visitors who came to the island. The twins Kier and Hamish were the most intriguing pair. Yet Kier could be so sweet and wanted to help Liz get the best possible pictures of the island. While Hamish kept his distance and saw that was best. Bake Ramsey, the football player, was a horrible man. He let his desire to be the best no matter what overshadow what he could have been. It just proves again that abuse of steroids can cause problems. I know there are healthy ways to use them but in Bake’s case, there was a lot of abuse of them in their ability to make him stronger.

Mr. Woods is someone I definitely want to read more of. I know he has a great series and I would love to delve into that someday. For now I will keep myself reading his stand alones to acquaint myself better with his writing. This was quite the book and the twist at the end shocked me! So he does now how to play his hand well and keep you interested.
Stuart Woods/ AN2R Author of the Month/ 434 pages/ Chunkster/ Fiction/ 5 out of 5

I enjoyed this book immensely. Now I am working on a review book and then a book Lust in Transaltion, mind you it is a review book but it looks interesting.

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