Saturday, March 08, 2008

Veil of Roses by Laura Fitzgerald

Tamila Soroush is lucky enough to get a visa to come to America. Now with three months to find a husband, she has so much to learn. From her first trip to Victoria’s Secret to her first country line dance, she learns to embrace the freedoms she never got to experience in Iran. Her sister is so determined for her to stay that she does her best to find a suitable husband for her. Tami, on the other hand, finds herself falling in love with just the man her sister warned her about. Tami sees nothing wrong with Ike but her sister won’t agree.

Ms. Fitzgerald writes a novel of the heart. The struggles women face in Iran are very real. I found this book to be realistic but at the same time not over done. Things are just the way they are and Tamila has a difficult time understanding what freedom is like. I found the reactions to the situations in this book very normal. I applaud Ms. Fitzgerald to write this book. I enjoyed it immensely.

Tamila is a woman I could admire. She wanted to enjoy freedoms though it took her awhile to accept them. Her friends in her English Language class certainly helped her in ways I could never imagine. They had been in her same boat in one way or another and so could reach out to her better. Ike was a man who knew what he wanted just had to be patient to get it. Though with a little help from Eva, a girl Tami knew from her class, was a good thing.

I do not want to give this book away but I cannot say enough of how wonderful it was. This author has a way with words that wowed me. Things were so simple that it was fun and light. The issues were not at all of that sort but the book dealt with it in a way that was enough to try to grasp what was going so I could try to emphasize. This is one author that I hope writes more cause it would be interesting to see what she writes next.
Laura Fitzgerald/320 pages/ New Author/ Fiction/ 5 out of 5

I finished this one last night really late. :) But it was well wroth the read in one day! Off to A review books then then one from my pile!

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