Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Lovehampton by Sherri Rifkin

Tori Miller needs a change in her life. Her friends are really concerned so as to help her career she agrees to take a chance and put her life in their hands. She helps a new makeover reality show as long as they promise to never air the episode. Beginning to realize how horrible her life is, she then agrees to go away to the Hamptons for a vacation on the weekends living with other people. At first she is not sure it is such a bright idea, but once she hangs out with them, she finds it a pretty good situation to be in after all. New people, new parties, it is all a dream come true. But through it all, can she find out who the person inside of her is?

Ms. Rifkin has a really good story on her hands. Her characters seem very relatable in spite of the jobs that they have. She creates people who I can see being around in this world today. They can be selfish but they have their faults. The story had me sucked in from the beginning cause I have had a slump in my life.

I could really relate to Tori. She had been through so much and was not sure how to get through her life. As well as there were aspects of her best friend Alice, she wanted the best for her best friend and was willing to help her out so that Tori could see what potential she has. All the people that lived in that small house were good fodder for humor. Andrew, Leah, and Stacy had me laughing not to mention Jackson and Cassie. Interesting people not sure I could I could room with them though.

Great summer read! I enjoyed it quite a bit. It was nice for a change of pace and definitely worth putting on your beach read list. I am curious to see what this author writes next!

Sherri Rifkin/ New Author/ Summer Read/ 320 pages/ Chick lit/ 4 out of 5


Liz said...

This sounds like a fun, light read. I'm going to look for it at my library.

3 aces is another interesting book in the romantic suspense genre. It really has an eclectic mix of characters: a poker-playing heroine running from a pushy mom and an ex-husband, plus a vet with PTSD who regards his truck cab as kind of his foxhole against the world. They greet, they meet ... and 2 solitary souls fine a way to heal.

Lover of Books said...

I will have to look up 3 aces. :)