Monday, September 15, 2008

Tarnished Beauty by Cecilia Samartin

Jamilet is a beautiful girl who has a huge birthmark that shows up on most of her body. She takes it all in stride. It has cost her a lot of pain but she lives her life day by day. She finally decides to leave her family and go out on her own. Her grandmother is all that is left since her aunt Carmen left months ago. This one journey will put her in the path with a man who has a story to tell. One she could only understand.

Ms. Samartin has a way with words that will wring emotions from your heart. There is joy; pain, love and loss weaved through these pages. I found it most difficult to put it down. The descriptions alone grabbed my attention but the heart that is described made me turn the pages even more so.

Jamilet just wants to be loved. She knows her mother does love her but after she dies, there is little left in the world for her. Even life with her aunt Tia is just more work. She wants to be rid of her birthmark and decides it is time to find a job. I really truly felt for Jamilet. She was a girl who wanted more from her life than she could get on her own. Yet can she find it is what I kept wondering? Senor Peregrino is a man full of life. He has seen so much and yet has to be kept alone in a room at a Sanitarium. Jamilet just might be the only one to hear what he has to say.

This is one book that kept me curious to know if the story that was told through the Senor’s eyes was true. I had to find out the ending along with Jamilet. There is much heartbreak in this story but there was so much going on. This is one author who has peaked my curiosity and I would love to read more by her.

Cecilia Samartin/ New Author/ Fiction/ 352 pages/ Stories/ Coming of Age/ 5 out of 5


Kris said...

glad to read that you enjoyed this book. I reviewed it and liked it as well. It's a bit different, but very good.

I'm going to link your review to mine too.

Lover of Books said...

It is different but I think that is what appealed to me the most. :) Aww thanks Kris! :)

Bookfool said...

I loved this book, too. so glad you enjoyed it. :)

Lover of Books said...

Thanks Bookfool. :) It was a great book!

Steve said...

BROKEN PARADISE her first was amazing.

I heard Atria are publishing her third novel in April.

Can't wait!