Monday, October 27, 2008

Like Glass by Matthew Cory

Rob hadn’t spoken to his brother or the love of his life in eight years. It almost seemed like he had forgotten it all now focusing on running his own business. But one phone call brings back memories from long ago. Now Janet needs his help with the death of his brother Bill, but can he forgive and learn to move on?

Matthew Cory presents a real hard look at forgiveness and betrayal. The characters have depth and you feel the emotions along with them. Yet forgiveness must prevail or all Rob could have might be over. Mr. Cory truly lets you into the world of the character. Flash backs are natural and you get a better understanding of the reasons behind the emotions that is not always easy to do.

Rob just wanted to move on. Feelings were ever present on his face. The man couldn’t hide anything. His past nagged at him from time to time but he never let it get to him. Bill was overpowering and boisterous to say the least. Rob struggled to get along with him. They had good memories but Rob felt so betrayed that he couldn’t let go of his anger. Now the grudge years later comes back to haunt him. Janet, his old love, is struggling since she moved on with her life. Can he see Janet as she is now and forgive? Or is it a hopeless cause?

For a first novel, there is depth, emotion, and a story to tell whether in the past or the present. Janet, Lisa, and Rob have to deal with the now. The brother he knew seems to be such a good guy. Things are changing all the time and Rob has to figure out how to keep up. Mr. Cory keeps things light at times but there is healing that needs to be done.

Matthew Cory/ 210 pages/ Adult Fiction/ Families/ Healing/ 4 out of 5

I was contacted by the author to do this review. That was nice. :) Great book and a little bit of romance as well. :) Off to Well of Lost Plots by Jasper Fforde next!


Matthew Cory said...

Just wanted to let everyone know that, if you want more information on Like Glass, go to where you can find sample chapters and purchase information. Thanks!

Lover of Books said...

Thanks Matthew. I always seem to forget something. :)