Monday, April 06, 2009

The Stamp of Glory by Tim Stafford

Set in the 1800's, this book is a glimpse into the Anti-Slavery movement and the impact one family has on it. Using some big names along the way, it shows every side of the issue. Yet change must be taken in order to move forward.

Mr. Stafford was a bit dry at times and the story lagged. I understand that it was a difficult issue then but it seemed like everything kept falling apart. It was a bit of a downer type book and I wasn't sure why I picked it up in the first place.

This is one author who disappointed me. I felt like so much was missing and there was a lot packed in which made the book lag. So all in all, if you like this type of subject, there is a lot of information. It's not graphic in the least, which only made the story get better. I just wish it would have lived up to my expectations. I might have to check out this author's other works.

Tim Stafford/Christian Fiction/ 1800's/Anti-Slavery Movement/ 3 out of 5

It took a long time to read but then I'm pretty tired. Onto the next one!

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