Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A World I Never Made by James LePore

Patrick Nolan gets a call from Paris, France about his daughter who committed suicide. He shows up to identify the body only to see that it isn't his daughter. Not sure what is going on, he goes along with her story. She must be in trouble and Patrick must find her. Then maybe things will make sense. Megan Nolan has always been carefree about her relationships since being a freelance writer gave her so much freedom. Now she is involved with a man who could threaten her entire world. But he could also give her the big break she needs. But is it worth it?

Mr. LePore has a fantastic thriller on his hands. There is more to this story than I could see just by reading the back of the book. The depth of the feelings of the characters definitely pulls you in and makes you want to read more. The headings with the time frame really moved the story along and helped keep a good handle on which story was being told whether it was Megan's or Patrick's. The minor characters had their place too because without them; the plot would have been very dull.

Patrick sees how he's messed up over the years and wants to help his daughter. But the situation will be more than he can handle. It will test him and put him in way over his head. Yet the main thing he focuses on is his daughter. Megan has always been rather non-chalant about her relationships. The man she meets on the train will show her how much she has to learn.

This was a book that grabbed a hold of me from the beginning. The twists and turns plotted will keep you turning pages. Mr. LePore took a world that is ever present in our minds and showed what it's effects could be on a young woman who is vulnerable but refuses to show it. It sweeps her up and shows her all that she has to learn still. The rules are broken and Patrick Nolan can only hope that it'll be enough.

James LePore/ New Author/ Thriller/272 pages/ Book for Review/ 5 out of 5

This was a great book and I love reading new authors. I don't remember what is next on the pile but I'll sure the review should be up soon! :)

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