Thursday, April 29, 2010

Henry's Night by D.B. Johnson and Linda Michelin

Henry is a curious bear. He decides to go on a journey to find the night song bird also known as the whippoorwill. He's not sure where he'll find it so he goes off on a search. How long will it take? Will he ever find the whippoorwill?

Mr. Johnson and Ms. Michelin have done a fantastic job incorporating nature into this book and making it a good adventure as well. It doesn't drag out long but keeps moving at a great pace. I loved being able to spot the creatures that were on the side of the page in the picture. It was a very participatory book. The pictures were gorgeous and only helped the story come to life even more. This is one good illustrator.

My son kept asking me questions about each animal. It was a lot of fun to read. The fact that it is inspired by Henry David Thoreau made it even more fun for me. I have studied some of his work and found this book extremely fascinating and a good way to start looking at the world around us. I definitely recommend this book to any nature lover who is around children. This is a good book to use in the classroom as well. Henry is a great bear and I would love to read more of his adventures.

D.B. Johnson and Linda Michelin/ New Authors/Children's fiction/ 32 pages/ Nature/ 5 out of 5

This is another book my son brought home from school! I am learning about other authors out there and books that are so much fun to read! I cannot wait to see what he brings home from school today since Thursdays are library days!

FTC: Book from son's school library

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