Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hi Cat! By Ezra Jack Keats

Archie says hi to a cat as he walks by to go see his friends. The cat follows him and trouble ensues. His show for his friends may not go how he plans. Is he able to make it all work?

Mr. Keats is a fantastic children's author. The illustrations are beautiful. The story is simple yet a fun romp. The author really knows how to keep things light and fun. I enjoyed the fun the kids had with each other.

Archie loves to put on shows for his friends. What a cute kid and so friendly. The cat is curious like most cats are. I am loving this author's work. I hope to read more by him and see what the characters in his stories get up to next.

Ezra Jack Keats/Children's Fiction/ 40 pages/ Friendships/4 out of 5

This was a great book my son brought home from the library. I am loving this! :) Off to read more of Ireland hopefully. :)

FTC: Book from my son's school library

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