Saturday, May 01, 2010

Escape to Sanctuary by M.J. Conner

Emily Foster must leave New York before she is sold into slavery. She gets a chance at being a mail order bride and takes it. She has six months to decide if she wants to stay married and she is just hoping that God will provide. Adam Jacobs has been wounded deeply. His fiancée walked out on him. He is truly mad at the world. When he finds out his best friend Lewis got him a mail order bride, he is furious but not much can be done.

M.J Conner is a fantastic author. I was pleased with how well the story flowed though the ending was a bit sudden. I felt that it could have been expanded a little bit more to see how things all worked out instead of only hinting at it. I loved seeing the faith of the characters grow. It truly inspired me to do better about my faith.

Emily was a girl who not shy at all. She knew how to speak her mind and she did her best to be polite. Though she was human still making sure to keep her comments in private. Adam Jacobs was a man who was stubborn. He let it get in the way a few times. Even to the point of almost ignoring what was God's plan for his life.

Some of it was predictable at points but it was a good comfort read after all. It's a genre I am very familiar with. I am excited to read the other things this author has written. It had a bit of an abrupt ending but for the most part everything was addressed. The characters were human and had their faults. The main ones finally came to the conclusion that it all had to be laid at the feet of Jesus.

M.J. Conner/ New Author/ Christian Historical Romance/ Healing/ 176 pages/ 4 out of 5

I posted this early since I work tomorrow and have a lot of things going on! I hope to read The Truly Terrible Horrible Sweater That Grandma Knit by Debbie Macomber next!

FTC: This is a book from my personal collection.

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