Thursday, December 14, 2006

Another Wonderful Christmas Story!

I didn't think I would be posting a second review today but this book was too difficult to put down. :) The book is Christmas on Conrad Street by Marcia Evanick.

Sidney Fletcher is happy in her life and with her boyfriend Richard, but when she comes home to find him in a compromising situation she decides to give up on men. She moves to Misty Harbor in Maine where her sister Gwen lives with her husband. Sidney makes the decision to pick up the practice that is already there. The hunky Erick Olsen is originally from Norway and Sidney finds him attractive but doesn’t want to pursue it. One night, on the way home from shopping, she barely stops in time from hitting an elderly man. It turns out that it is Hans Bergersen, Erik’s grandfather. Sidney gets him home safely but it all seems to go downhill from there. Erik asks her for her help but she is not sure what to do about the situation or Erik. He says he’ll pay her back with a traditional Norwegian Christmas. As the time approaches, Sidney must decide if she is ready to fall in love again and possibly give her heart away for good?

This is the first book I have read by Marcia Evanick and I am looking forward to reading more of her books cause there are quite a few. She is an amazing writer who writes very strong women. That is one of the things I enjoyed most about her characters. They were strong women. Yes, there were weaknesses in all of them, but that is true to life cause no one is perfect. The story never seemed jumpy and I always understood her. The one thing I didn’t know was the Norwegian. But then it was always explained to the reader. I really enjoyed that the most of anything because I have Norwegian descent.

The characters were incredible. I loved hearing about Norway and their traditions because I was never taught much of anything. My favorite character was Sidney cause I could relate to her in so many ways with the doubts and all the stuff she had to go through. I also liked Hans, the grandfather. He reminded me of my grandfather Merlin. Both very stubborn men but knew when to give in at some point. I loved seeing how the characters interacted and all the surprises that came along the way.

This is a book I would highly recommend and unlike me make sure to read the book Catch of the Day first. That is the first in the series which I didn’t know about cause I found this book by doing a search on Christmas books on my local library’s website. It was a good book to stumble across. I give this book a 6/5. This was an enjoyable Christmas book!

Now onto starting another book before a friend of mine stops over. I will be reading Little Children by Tom Perotta.

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