Sunday, December 17, 2006

Classics Challenge

I am going to be doing this one too and four of these tie into my TBR Challenge too. :) But with the TBR Challenge those are on a whim so I am not sure I can even post them. lol Here is my classics:
The Hobbit
The Fellowship of the Ring
The Two Towers
The Return of the King
Madame Bovary


booklogged said...

So glad you are joining us in the classics challenge. Your list is awesome. All those Tolkein books look hard. Best of luck to you. My daughters has read them all a couple of times, but they look very daunting to me.

Lover of Books said...

I have had them for over 2 years so this will be the time to dust them off. :) I Just hope I can read them all in 2 months. lol