Sunday, December 17, 2006

Motor Mouth by Janet Evanovich

I am on some kind of pace or something cause I normally don't blog this much in a day. But I guess from time to time it will happen. :) This was a pretty good book. I enjoyed it but .. well you can read my review. :)

Alex and Sam are at it again in the second book in the series. Alex is Sam’s spotter in the last race in the season. Their friend Jefferson is gotten himself into some deep trouble and gets stuck in a race hauler. So Alex and Sam go to help him get out and when they do they also find a dead man. They have to figure how to get rid of a dead body but more than that try not to get in trouble for taking the hauler in the first place. Alex thinks that there is illegal technology being used and had to figure out what to do about it. Plus Alex knows that Sam cheated on her and needs to deal with that as well. Their friends in Miami help out and it is quite the fiasco but can they come out in one piece?

I have to say that I liked it but not as much as the first one in the series. A lot of it seemed far-fetched to me. I laughed quite a bit and the writing was just as good but there seemed a lot of obstacles in the way and I wasn’t sure if they would ever be able to solve all the problems.

It was really nice to have recurring characters as well as reading them back to back. I still really liked Alex and Sam. I was impressed with how well their whole relationship was dealt with and I can’t wait to see what happens next with those two. As always Felicia and Rosa cracked me up. Those two are a riot. I was really impressed with how well Janet Evanovich did with all the Nascar stuff she put in her book. Most of it is public knowledge really but it is nice to see that she pays attention to the littlest detail.

I do recommend this book because it is good just make sure that you read Metro Girl first because it will make more sense. I am a stickler for reading books in order as long as I know that they are in a series. Not more that I can say really except that I give it a review of 3/5. It was good, it kept my attention, but in the end a lot of the events weren’t all plausible to me. But I was impressed with how well she tied up most of the loose ends.

Well next on my list of books is The Secret Heiress by Judith Gould but I won't get to that till tomorrow. :) Good night all!


Kris said...

I have this one to read, this is what I have heard about this book, but still looking forward to reading it.

Lover of Books said...

Same here but I had to give a shot. I did really enjoy it. :) I hope if there is next one it will be better. :)