Thursday, December 07, 2006

My Second book for December

I just finished this book The Emperor's Children by Claire Messud about a half hour ago. :) Here is my review of it and I try to be nice as you will read. :)

Marina Thwaite tries to get out from behind her father Murray’s shadow with writing a book. Danielle tries to find true love but has another miss. Julius keeps on looking for love as well but wants someone to really love him but that backfires in his face. Fredrick Tubb goes to see Marina his cousin and look for success with the help of her father. They all look for success in life and try their hardest. Are they able to accomplish it?

Claire Messud is a writer different than from any other writer I have read so far. She gives a lot of background and then when getting to the heart of the story it changes at the end. I was constantly confused and wasn’t ever sure I would ever find out the meaning of the title to the book. She can express her characters’ feelings well but those even seem to be all mixed up.

I never really felt like I got to know any of the characters except for Danielle and she wasn’t even the main character. Fredrick decides to rebel and writes an article that could cause a lot of problems for people. Murray Thwaite is way past his prime but people still seem to enjoy his work and he does quite a lot of speeches. Marina treasures her father too much in my opinion.
I try not to write bad reviews because the book isn’t so much bad as it just doesn’t resonate with me in any way. Books don’t have to be all finished up nice and neat but I don’t like a lot of questions in a book unless I know it is a series. There were too many questions that I had and nothing really felt satisfied to me. Now, if that is what the author Claire Messud was going for then she did an excellent job. I just personally didn’t care for how the characters were handled. It is not a book I would recommend but someone else may think different than me and enjoyed it. I would say give it a try but maybe give up sooner than I did with it.

I hope to start reading my first Christmas book called Christmas on Jane Street by Billy Romp. :)

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