Saturday, December 01, 2007

The Tokyo Look Book by Philomena Keet

This book is a guide to fashion on Tokyo primarily. It shows everything from mainstream well known brand names to the underworld of fashion. There are characteristics to each side but they can often be blurred. But that is the fashion world; nothing has to stay the same. Everyone interprets what he or she wants from each designer. I really liked the individuality of each person pictured in this book. I was even surprised that the author got people to pose for her. Sure they only had their first names or character names mentioned in the book but it took a leap of faith to get that much information.

A couple things that I really enjoyed were the fact that the designers were real people. They started out on the bottom like everyone else. I also liked the fact that they were doing their best to stay true to who they are. Whether that meant creating their own line or selling things that were second hand. They had a gathering that was amazing. And even some celebrities were after some of the clothing of the Japanese designers.

Having a fashion week in Japan didn’t surprise me at all. Though I was surprised that it didn’t start till later on. I guess some things take time but that would be fun to go too. Not sure I would buy any of the clothes, but it would be fun to watch it all happen in front of me. I do sew from time to time so seeing the creations that happened were fun and brilliant. Some of them I’d never wear in a million years but applauded the brave souls for them anyways.

If you love fashion and want to learn more about a culture this would be the book for you. I was impressed with how it was put together and I certainly learned a lot from it. Definitely one I am glad I have read. I also have to applaud Yuri Manabe for being able to capture people so well with her camera!

Philomena Keet. New Author, Non-Fiction, 224 pages, Fashion

I have a couple more review books and then I hope to get back to a few of my own.

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