Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Leftovers by Laura Wiss

Blair and Ardith are best friends. They are sick of kids at school judging them and making their life set for them by the gossip that goes around. So they set out to do something unforgivable. They do it because of their backgrounds. They feel forgotten and left over.

Ms. Wiss presents a compelling story that makes you think. She never puts her opinion on the table. She writes so you can make your own decisions. You are able to view a world that could happen to any young girl. It is something that will keep you turning pages.

Blair was sick of her mom deciding her life for her so she set out to do what she wanted. She made sure to keep up appearances but leaving her mom in the dark. Ardith wanted to leave her family. She rarely brought anyone home. She kept herself safe by a padlock on her bedroom door.

Eye opening does not even begin to describe this book. The parents presented in this book outraged me. There has got to be a balance somewhere that parents can be involved but not too restricting. Consequences need to happen but I thought these parents were not wanting to be involved in their kids’ lives and that upset me the most. This is one I recommend not only for teenagers but for parents too. It is a good short read that will have you questioning everything. I definitely want to read more by this author.
Laura Wiss/ Review Book/ 4 out of 5/ Young Adult Fiction/Friends/196 pages

I read this one for Simon and SChuster. Right now I am working on Third Degree by Greg Iles.

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