Monday, January 21, 2008

Third Degree by Greg Iles

Laurel is having one of the worst days ever. She came home early from school to find her husband Warren tearing apart their house looking for something. She initially thought it had something to do with the audit that was going to happen at his doctor’s office but when he blindsided her with the fact that he had found a love letter to her. Her world crashed around her not to mention the fact that she had found out she was pregnant this morning but didn’t know who the father was. Now she has to try to calm her hubby down before the kids come home and hope she can keep her secret.

Greg Iles is a fantastic writer. He devises scenes that are not easy to wrap your mind around. The situations are similar to other books but the thing I like the most is how Mr. Iles makes his characters react to it. That is what sets his books apart. Yet I had a difficult time getting past how some of the characters were not wanting to pay for their crimes.

Laurel did what a lot of women do today by looking for love in other places than their husband. That is her first mistake not to mention the fact that she won’t get caught. Warren seems obsessed with finding out who wrote the letter to his wife. It overtakes him as part as his OCD. It just became surprising how important that was to him. Nothing else mattered not even his kids; Warren needed to know the truth. The man became very creepy and reminded me again why adultery is so horrible.

This book was quite the thriller not only for the fact that Laurel was trying to figure out how to keep her kids safe. But also she wanted her lover to remain unknown. This one was not one of my favorites by him but still he is one of my favorite authors. Mr. Iles really knows how to make you think and I appreciate that. I will read his next one and I have a few of his older ones that I have not read yet.

Greg Iles/385 pages/ Thriller/ Family/3 out of 5

I finished this one and The Darkeste Evening of the Year by Dean Koontz this wekeend. both very well written and authors I have really come to like their writing style. :)

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