Sunday, February 03, 2008

Four Wives by Wendy Walker

Four friends live a life most women achieve for. Yet behind it all, there is self-doubt, marital problems, and personal integrity. They may have it all but it is something that they fight for every day. Love, Marie, Gayle, and Janie are good friends and they rely on each other for help. Well as much help as one can get without being truly honest. They figure someone wrong is going on each other’s lives but can never prove it. Each woman has to figure out how to be true to herself first before anything else can happen.

Ms. Walker has a compelling story in this book. She tells it straight for each character and I felt I got a really good glimpse into each life. She puts characters that are easy to believe and problems that almost everyone is affected by. I really liked that and I also liked how you got to see everything from each character’s point of view. It made the story that much more believable since these four women were fairly close.

Love Welsh is a prodigy child who has let her past sit and fester. Marie is a divorce lawyer and normally helps out the father in the situation. Gayle is pretty much a stay at home mom but she comes from a wealthy family, which her husband resents. Janie is struggling in her marriage because she wants adventure and her husband likes what they have now. They all have children that they take care of in some aspect. Gayle wants to be more involved with Oliver but her husband wanted a nanny. Love wants to keep snuggling her 7-month-old son but other mothers say to toughen up. I felt for all these women. They did their best at expressing themselves but felt like they were going in circles.

This is one book that any woman can relate to even if we do not share their problems. These four women are doing their best to find their place in their own world and want to be fulfilled whether they have a job or not. Ms. Walker really gets her point across that you have to be happy where you are even if that means you have to move out of the world you are in and into another. This is a good debut novel and I cannot wait to see what she comes up with next.

Wendy Walker/ Women/ Family/ Adult Fiction/ 368 pages/ 5 out of 5

I read this one last month but wanted to wait till the month of it's released to post to the review. Definitley a book to check out. :)

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