Sunday, February 03, 2008

The Manning Sisters by Debbie Macomber

The Cowboy’s Lady

Taylor Manning is not sure what she thought when she agreed to go to Cougar Point, Montana to teach. She must have lost her mind! Yet her mind seems to drift when she spots rancher Russ Palmer. He seems to have all the right things except he irritates her to no end. Her thoughts keep going back to the same thing how she would not mind being the cowboy’s lady.

This was a sweet story by Ms. Macomber. The differences between Russ and Taylor made the story so much more real. Opposites attract a lot in life but they can never seem to make it work. I liked that a lot. It wasn’t that they hated each other but Taylor found herself rationalizing what could be wrong with the relationship instead of what could make it work.

Taylor kept banging things around in her head. Already hurt once before, she was determined not to go down that road. And the funny thing was that she wasn’t looking for anything, just wanted a break from it all to heal. Russ Palmer seemed to have other ideas. But even he took awhile to come around to the idea. Mandy, Russ’ little sister did her best to keep these two involved. She was a little stinker but I think she even realized that they would have to figure it out on their own.

I cannot wait to see what happens in the next story. These characters are making me laugh out loud and I hope the next one does too!

The Sheriff Takes A Wife

Christy Manning is only planning on helping her sister Taylor adjust to her life after baby. She can only take two weeks off, but her boss understands since he is also her new fiancé. Christy just gets in the door when Taylor tells her it is time to go to the hospital. Russ is nowhere around so she calls for Cody. Her heart does flips when she notices him the first time. But can she tell him that she is engaged before anything happens or will she find herself heart broken?

Ms. Macomber does it again! Oh my word, this story was so emotional. I could not stop reading it! Cody and Christy had so much to get through before they could make a commitment to each other. This was quite the roller coaster but I knew it would be resolved somehow whether it ended good or bad.

Christy had a lot on her shoulders. Her parents had always expected a lot out of her and now she was not sure what to do since she no longer wanted to live up to it. Cody had his heart broken once before but Christy seemed to be the one for him. Yet when he finds out what is really going on can he keep his heart together and his hands away from Christy.

I liked both these stories. They were very real to me and so full of heart. It was a nice clean romance and I needed that. Heat has its place but something sweet is nice from time to time. I cannot wait for the next book in this series to come out in August. This is one author who never disappoints.
Debbie Macomber/Romance/Sisters/ 528 pages/ 5 out of 5

Oh and I hope to finish a review book that I will count towards my romance challenge set up by my yahoo group AN2R. :)

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