Monday, February 11, 2008

Parallel Attraction by Deidre Knight

Jared Bennett has been focused on his people’s fight for freedom. Thinking of nothing else, the people around him keep reminding him that he needs to mate. He has the power to overthrow his enemy the key to time. Yet one woman will change his life forever. Kelsey has always known someone was out there for her. Though she never found him. When she meets Jared, the attraction for him is so strong she cannot explain it. She knows he has not told her everything but she has no idea what he is hiding. Could his secrets cost them their future together?

Ms. Knight is a fantastic author. The word she uses to spin her tale is amazing. I was swept up not only in the romance between Jared and Kelsey. I also found the culture of the Refarians fascinating. I am sure there is so much more to learn and I cannot wait! The intricate details were planned and I was blown away by how well she created the alien world. Having it take place in our backyard just makes it come alive.

Jared is a man full of duty and honor to his people. That was so refreshing. He also knew that he could not commit to someone he did not care for romantically. Scott Dillon, his best friend, did not understand that at all. But he had to get over it to support Jared’s decision. Kelsey had so much heartache but knew someone was out there for her. Her friends thought she was silly but she knew it in her heart. That was all that mattered to her. I really felt for Thea since she had this ideal in her mind since she was a child. All the people truly loved Jared and I believed that he deserved their admiration.

This is a series that truly delights from the start. I love Science Fiction and if all aliens look like Jared. They truly sizzle. Yet the people do want to protect Earth and win their world back from their enemy. I was pulled in from the beginning. The emotions are real and the difficulties ahead for Jared and Kelsey are not easy for them to face. I just hope they continue to do well.

Deidre Knight/ Romance/ Midnight Warriors Series/ Paranormal/ 320 pages/ 5 out of 5

I have book 2 Parallel Heat on order. I am so glad my friend from AN2R thought up this challenge. Off to the world of Maisie Dobbs again!

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