Thursday, February 07, 2008

White Chocolate Moments by Lori Wick

Arcineh Bryant’s world fell apart after she fell asleep in the back of her parent’s car and then woke up with them gone. Now she is living with her grandpa and things seem to get back to normal. Yet there is something that will happen that is out of her control. She feels betrayed years later and has to get out of there. She meets a girl who she can live with and starts to do hard physical labor. Yet there is a hole in her heart that she cannot fill. She does not know if her path will ever cross with her grandfather again.

Lori Wick is at it again. The transformation between Arcie’s loss and then the end is wonderful. This is not a typical book for Ms. Wick but then she has written so much that I found I did start to really like this book. There is a lot about this book that I really liked. Arcineh is such a sweetie as well as the minor characters are a blast too.

I could not get enough of Arcie. She is a sweet girl who develops into a wonderful woman. I loved watching her grow up. Her cousin Quinn drove me up the wall. Sam, Arcie’s grandfather, was truly married to his business. Though he got a wake up call and had to learn how to change things. Business did still take a bit of priority. I loved Violet, who was the housekeeper for Sam. She is a sweetie and picks up the pieces for Sam. She is a solid rock for Archineh to lean on.

This book had me going from the beginning. I had to find out how Arcineh would turn out. This is certainly not one of my favorites but this was a wonderful book. I loved seeing the relationship between Arcie and Gage grow and bloom. This is one I do recommend and now I cannot wait to see what she comes up with next. Chocolate is a good thing and how it played a part in this book was very cool!
Lori Wick/ 368 pages/ Christian Romance/ Family/4 out of 5

Well off to a romance by a soon to be favorite author of mine Diedre Knight.

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