Thursday, September 04, 2008

The Kill Artist by Dnaiel Silva

Gabriel Allon had left the espionage world for a quieter life as an art restorer. Now he is asked for help again. At first he wants to turn it down until he finds out he will be working with beautiful fashion model Jacqueline once more. He does not know that there are secrets in the working and this may be his last chance to kill Tariq.

Mr. Silva is a fantastic writer. I could not believe how much research he had to do but it showed. I cannot say that I know the events he talked about but with the names of the books listed in the back from where he learned things, I can only hope that they are either true or names were changed.

Gabriel Allon is a man who has hurts. Yet he is able to stifle them at points to get done what is needed. I found that astonishing. The technology mentioned in the book may be outdated now who knows but I found what they were able to do very interesting. Jacqueline was such a sweetheart and I kept hoping she would get her heart’s desires.

Boy am I glad this was just the first book. I definitely want to read the rest soon!

Daniel Silva/New Author/ Mystery/ Espionage/Chunkster/ 448 pages/ 4 out of 5

Off to read a couple of review books and then something else from my pile. :)

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