Tuesday, September 02, 2008

My August Reads and Stats

My Stats:
Total Books Read: 20
New Authors: 19
Fiction: 19
Non-fiction: 1
Chunksters: 5
Books I reviewed: 13
Romances: 16
Mysteries: 3
From the Stacks: 6
Books I Bought: 1
PBS Sent: 5
PBS Received: 5
Total Pages Read: 5, 484

Books I read:
. Twice Upon an Eventide by Shannah Biodene and Sheri McGathy 08-01-08 through 08-06-08 C
140. Taste of Liberty by Nancy Hunter 08-07-08 B
141. The Moon: Tigress by the Tail by Teresa D’Amario 08-07-08 A+
142. The Forgotten Princess by S.D. Grady 08-08-08 A+
143. Apple Blossom Time by Kathryn Haig 08-08-08 through 08-09-08A+
144. The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde 08-10-08 through 08-11-08 C
145. Passionate by Anthea Lawson 08-12-08 A+
146.Holding the Baby by Margot Early 08-13-08 A
147. On Blue Falls Pond by Susan Crandall 08-14-08 A+
148. Mari’s Miracle by Fran Shaff 08-15-08 through 08-17-08 A
149. Passion’s Professor by Samantha Rhodes 08-18-08 A
150. Lost in A Good Book by Jasper Fforde 08-18-08 through 08-19-08 B
151. Enticing Mr. Wrong by Suprina Frazier 08-20-08 through 08-22-08 A+
152. Hostage to Her Heart by Chriss Hill (294) 08-22-08 through 8-25-08 C
153. Rogue by Rachel Vincent 08-25-08 A+
154. Venture by Bill Newman 08-25-08 through 08-27-08 D
155. The Frog Prince by Missy Lyons 08-27-08 C
156. True Stores of Law and Order by Kevin Dwyer and Jure Fiorillo 08-28-08 A+
157. Slave of Darkness by Stephanie Marble 08-29-08 A
158. Reluctant Hearts by Marty Rayne 08-29-08 through 08-30-08 A

I think I had a good month. lol


Tara S Nichols said...

Hi, impressive list yet again. I hope your summer is going well and ending well. Mine is starting to look a lot like autumn. have you read The Secret Life of Bees? It isn't a romance but it truly is a very good read. Right now I'm reading Loose Girl. (Also quite Good) Teen angst.
Check out http://rabiyahbooks.com/TheForbiddenHunt.html
for a chance to play in the scavenger hunt and win oodles of books! Thought of you, since you like books. ;>
I'm in on the giveaways too.

Lover of Books said...

I do want to read the secret life of bees. Thank you for thinking of me. My summer was busy then slow then busy. lol That is life. :)

Suprina said...

Hello, Lover of Books!

I just dropped in to thank you for reading my book (Enticing Mr. Wrong) and giving it such a high grade. If I'm understanding your listing currently, it looks like it only took you 2 days to finish it. Wow! Very impressive.

Thanks again for the fantastic grade!


Missy Lyons said...

Wow, you do read a lot of books! I have not kept track before, but that makes it kind of fun. I have probably read about half of what you read last month.

I found my name came up on your list rather accidentally. Hope you enjoyed reading The Frog Prince. It's less steamy than some of the other books I have written, and moves in a little different direction, but fairy tales are fun to play with.

The Secret Life of Bees was soooo worth reading. I enjoyed it and I think you will too when you get around to it. :)

Lover of Books said...

I really did like it. :) I got to get stuff sent out for some reviews. I do want to read Secret Life of Bees. :)

Sometimes I think I read too many. lol

Margot Early said...

Thank you for reading my book! best wishes,
Margot Early

Sheri said...


Wanted to say hi and thanks for reading my book...I appreciate it very much and the mention here.

May the magic always brighten your world!

Lover of Books said...

Margot- the book was excellent.

Suprina- Enticing would probably read in one day but I am not sure what I was doing. lol

Sheri- You are most welcome!!

Off to reading more of my current book. :)