Thursday, October 09, 2008

Really Something by Shirley Jump

Allie Dean is going back home and it is the last place she wants to go in all honesty. But scouting out a spot for the newest movie might just be the thing that will jump start her career. Though the first person she runs into when she gets into town is also the last person she wants to see. Duncan Henry broke her heart back in high school. He is not used to being stood up and has not had anyone to talk to since his best friend Allison left town. Allie is just after finding the place to shoot and Duncan wants her in his bed. Who will get what they want first?

Ms. Jump does a fantastic job at the whole coming home story line. I loved how Allie just wanted to prove herself and possibly get a little revenge. The characters were all over the board, which made this book come more alive. Even the minor characters were fantastic.

Allie had horrible memories but she knew this would be the perfect spot to film the B horror movie. It was not going to be anything flashy but Allie knew this was the stepping-stone to getting where she wanted. Duncan just wants someone to talk to but Allie seems to be a beautiful woman as well. He just keeps thinking he knows her from somewhere.

This book had me flipping pages fast. I could not get enough. The tension between Allie and Duncan was really great. There was going to be a lot to deal with if Allie would only come forth, but things might go better. She is just nervous. Duncan just enjoys someone to talk to and wishes for more. I just hoped the outcome would be one that would seem real no matter what it was.

Shirley Jump/New Author/Romance/ Family/Relationships/ 352 pages/ 5 out of 5

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