Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Christmas Husband by Mary Anne Wilson

Madison Symthe loves being the voice of Dr. Love. She is able to help people even though she may be pretending on a few things. Now she is asked to be a Christmas present for someone including the husband that doesn't help her out. Now she has to contact an escort service for help, she would rather give up on the whole thing. But when she meets a man after talking to the lady who runs the service, she wonders if that could be the man for her.

Ms. Wilson writes a wonderful romance that heats up. I loved it from the beginning cause the boy really wanted his father around. It truly is a sweet Christmas story that is full of surprises. Ms. Wilson knew how to keep things interesting and keep you wanting to read.

Madison loved doing her job but never felt to take the time to take care of herself. When she is hit with an unexpected situation, I was curious to see how she'd handle things. It certainly was going to show her what she is made of.

This was a cute romance and I really liked it. I definitely would love to read more by this author whether Christmas related or not.

Mary Anne Wilson/New Author/249 pages/ Christmas/Romance/4 out of 5

I finished this one before I left for work. :) I loved this one. Now off to another Christmas book. :)

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