Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Just Like The Ones We Used to Know by Brenda Novak

Angela Forrester loves Kayla like she is her own daughter. But that is not the case, but now Kayla is wanting to know here “real” father. Angela isn't so sure at first and then decides to go back to where it all happened. She just hopes it goes better than expected.

Ms. Novak really gets to the heart of the matter. I loved this quick holiday story. :) So sweet and then full of heat. :) Definitely an author I would love to read more by.

The Night Before Christmas by Melinda Curtis

Emma Roberts was looking forward to helping her family with the Santa Express in her hometown. Now she gets an offer to drive a man to Las Vegas and she isn;t sure she wants it. Simon has the offer of a lifetime but has to scramble to find a driver. Emma may be the perfect one for the job but she just might find a way into his heart as well.

Ms. Curtis writes a sweet romance to life your spirits. Emma is a character you just want to hug. She has beliefs that she sticks to. You get a good glimpse into the life of Emma and her family. Simon may not be as hard of a nut to crack as he thinks.

All the Christmases to Come by Anna Adams

Andrew Durham takes being a single dad very seriously. Now his girlfriend is expecting and he isn't sure what to do about it. He is resigned to lose her because she wants more kids and he doesn't. But something keeps tugging at his heart.

Ms. Adams writes emotions that are so real in her characters. There are unsure people and then there are people who know what they want. You'll see both in this story. It may take an unplanned event to make them all see the same thing.

These three tales were so much fun to read! I couldn't get enough and definitely want to read more by all three authors. I was hooked with each one and didn't want to see any of the stories end. All three authors are truly talented and I am curious to see if they have written other Christmas stories.

Brenda Novak, Anna Adams, Melinda Curtis, Christmas, Romance, New Authors, 304 pages, 5 out of 5

Off to read Prince of Fire by Daniel Silva and hopefully some more writing. :)

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