Saturday, November 08, 2008

A Death in Vienna

Gabriel Allon is off chasing another thing for Shamron. But this time, it involves a friend of his and a bombing that happened in order to keep things quiet. Now Gabriel will risk his life once again to get the answers he wants . He’ll be all over the place. Now if only he can get back in one piece this time under the worst constraints.

Mr. Silva does it again. This book had me going from one end to the other with emotions. I was frustrated with what Gabriel found out about the man behind all the targeting and what his real name was and his involvement during world war 2. The amount of research this man had to do was insurmountable to me. I was truly impressed with how authentic things came across even if it was difficult to read at times.

Gabriel Allon is certainly coming along in this series. He is learning when to do what is needed though at times he just wants to give up on it all. I can certainly understand his emotions and the things he has to face in his past.

This is one series that never ceases to amaze me with what Gabriel is put through. I learn so much about him in each book that it is becoming interesting. I am not that big into spy novels but now I think I’ll pick up this author more often.

Daniel Silva/ Spy stories/ World War 2/ 390 pages/ 4 out of 5

Off to read a non-fiction and then to my first Christmas story of the year!!! YAY!!! lol


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