Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The School Run by Sophie King

Five families all make the same run to school. Whether its the school teacher taking the bus, a mom who isn't sure about her marriage, another mom with a disappearing husband, a dad who is coping with the loss of his dead wife, or an au pair who thinks the children she is watching are horrible. Yet something will happen that will connect them all together.

Ms. King is a fantastic writer. She keeps things paced very well. The names when the character's stories changed helped a lot. I was impressed at how much depth you get into each character. That is not always easy to do.

Of all of them I really liked Pippa. She had the most she was dealing with in my opinion even more so than Harriet who wasn't sure about her marriage. Health issues make people think. All of them had their faults but getting the perspective really helped.

This is a good debut. I had parts where I would get upset. Other times not so much. I am curious to see what else she has written. She knows how to write all different kinds of characters and that makes her one well rounded author.

Sophie King/ New Author/ Family/ School/352 pages/ 4 out of 5

Off to reading some more. Just started another a Daniel Silva book.


Bookfool said...

Just out of curiosity, what parts upset you? Were you ticked off when she left her child in the car? You already know that bugged me.

Lover of Books said...

the mother who left her child in the car routinely. And some of the characters wanted to treat others just as badly as they were treated. How some children got away with way too much. And the situation that brought them all together at the end was very difficult to read. I think it was handled well but yeah.

Bookfool said...

I don't remember the ending at all, but yeah . . . it seemed like the characters lacked moral grounding, didn't it?

Lover of Books said...

Yeah the morals were not always so great. I hoped better but oh well. lol

The story itself flowed well which helped a lot! :)