Monday, December 01, 2008

Ghost Hunting by Jason Hawes, Grant Wilson, Jan

Awesome book! Okay serious it was, I got a glimpse into more of what they do and how they go about doing their work. There was some repetitiveness that drove me crazy from time to time, but I truly felt that they wanted to make sure they said things correctly so people would understand that this is serious work. It truly is, I used to watch the show. I say used to because I have a very vivid imagination.

I remember my first episode, I believe it was last year, all I remember is that they were at this old Physic Hospital that is now abandoned. I think that is what it is but what sticks in my mind is how there was a black form that they saw down the hallway. It “floated” out and “floated” back into the shadows. Steve and Brian (at least I think that is who it was lol) had to go over this a couple of times to make sure that they had seen it. It freaked me out till no end!!! No joke.

Reading about some of their old cases that I had never seen was interesting cause I got a better glimpse of how they did this. They do their best to find out what is really going on and that is what kept me going back to the show time and time again. But well having a young child in the house, not wise to watch it till he is asleep. That meant I couldn't watch the show till 10pm. Umm yeah, bad idea for me!

But I truly appreciated what these guys did and what they are doing now. They truly make sure they try to figure out what is going on whether it is faked, stuff in the house that is making the noises, or it is really real. So yeah, definitely a book to read if you love this show or if you're curious at what they do and not sure you can watch it. :) It still has some jumpy moments but not so scary at least for me. :)

Jason Hawes, Grant Wilson, Jan Michael Freeman, Non Fiction, Ghost stories, 5 out of 5

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