Thursday, September 16, 2010

Death and the Easter Bunny by Linda Berry

Trudy Roundtree is the only woman police officer at the Ogeechee Police Force in Georgia. She struggles cause her cousin is the chief. She is determined to prove herself. She is just happy to be home again. A murder has them all getting fired up in more ones than one. Reed Ritter is the victim of a fire but the he was dead before the fire was lit. Secrets aren't easy to hide in a small town. There are way too many suspects, can Trudy discovers some secrets might be worthy of a murder.

Ms. Berry does fantastic job with juggling all the characters. The point of view is all through Trudy's eyes. The small town life is very well represented. I was also impressed with how clean the book was due to the fact of finding a dead body. I loved all the aspects of each character and the developments with each little storyline.

Trudy is so much fun. Even though she is a widow and is dealing with the death of her hubby, she is a very light hearted person. She sees things very well and keeps her chin up. She is a determined lady who just wants to show what she can do. Her family is a bit nutsy since she lives in her Grandmother's house as well. Henry Huckabee is the chief of police and her cousin. He is a good guy but he is stubborn as well. He is learning his position and so wants to do it all himself. Phil Pittman is the editor of the newspaper as well as a volunteer fireman. He does his best to answer any questions Trudy might have about the town since she has come back.

I truly loved this series. I have the second one and I am curious to see where a few story lines are going. It is a true cozy with no blood and guts. I couldn't get enough. I hope Trudy finally gets her feet wet and gets somewhere. Ms. Berry has me captivated from the very beginning!

Linda Berry/ New author/ Small Town/ Police/Family/ Cozy Mystery/ 251 pages/ 5 out of 5

FTC: This book is part of my personal collection that was either bought or given to me as a gift.

I am hoping to start the next one in the series tonight!!

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