Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Woods by Harlan Coben

Twenty years ago, four teenagers were murdered and one other teenager feels guilty most of all. But now, Paul Copeland is a successful as a district attorney but the case he is working on may have the parents of the boys involved wanting his past to come back. He knows the boys did commit rape but their parents will do anything to protect him. What makes things even more difficult, it seems that one of the teenagers thought to have died that night so long ago never did. He begins to question what happened that night and needs help. But will he get the answers he needs or his family come to ruin instead?

Mr. Coben does it again. He creates such characters that thrive on needing answers that keep you questioning with them that you never quite catch on. Or least that is how it is with me. I love the descriptions he gives not only of the characters but of their past which helps give me a better sense of what is going on.

Paul Copeland is a man who is still grieving for his dead wife. He loves his daughter and makes sure to spend as much time as he can. With the cases he takes on, that is not as much as he would like but she seems to understand. Lucy Gold has moved on with most of her life though she still goes and sees her father who is in a convalescent home. The tie that is between the two of them will blow their worlds apart and make them question what really did happen that night long ago.

Having had this book for a while on my tbr pile, I was happy to finally read it. This author creates twists and turns that leave me guessing till the end. Secrets are prevalent in this book in more ways than I thought possible. Paul’s past with growing up in Russia and the KGB swarming around his family just makes things more interesting. I am curious to see what the tie in is to Hold Tight. This is one author who never ceases to disappoint. Definitely a must read!

Harlan Coben/Thriller/416 pages/ Chunkster/5 out of 5

I am working on review books and then I hope to read another one of my own soon. My little boy's birthday is tomorrow so yeah may not be online much. I need to get some cleaning done. lol

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